What makes our team of Dedicated French Teachers engaging and successful?

We ensure that our teachers possess sufficient experience, international exposure and of course, a deep love for languages. What sets us apart is our excellent mix of native and non-native speakers, which creates a unique blend of different cultural approaches of pedagogies. This allows our teachers to learn from each other and grow as a cohesive unit.

David des Roches

David is fluent in many languages but his first love has always been the French language. Having taught for over 12 years, he has a wide variety of experience, which he uses to inspire his students. Having worked in a number of countries, David loves interacting with new people and trying to pick up new languages. As his speciality and interests lie in marketing and business-related themes, his courses focus on young adults, business and cross-cultural themes.

Sona Rajashekar

Sona joined Agape School of Education three years ago and was being coached as she pursued her master’s degree in Teaching French as a Second Language. When she graduated, she followed her love for teaching children and as she believed in Agape School of Education’s holistic teaching approach, joined as a teacher. Sona’s passion for children and the French language has only blossomed and her unique personality makes her lessons engaging and fun. She also provides translation services for clients.

Maria S. Gentilhomme

Maria has been with Agape School of Education for six years and is one of the most dedicated teachers. Apart from being multilingual, she has qualifications in literature and finance, which allow her to connect with a wide range of students. Before joining Agape School of Education as a teacher, she taught French through ballet. However, today, she focuses on classroom education and tailors her classes to her students’ goals.

Mathan Prasad

After taking H2 French at the MOELC, Mathan fell in love with the language and it’s culture. He joined Agape School of Education after his national service because of a love for the school and a passion for the French language. He continued to teach while he pursued his degree at the National University of Singapore. Mathan loves teaching children and has even created a special teaching booklet for the French Primary level students. Having gone through the MOELC, he is familiar with the standards required for students to succeed.

Nicholas Ladouce

Nicholas has been teaching French for over six years and his experience has gained him great familiarity with the international exams. He uses these skills, together with his many language skills, to prepare his students for their examinations. His lessons are special as he is passionate about tailoring his classes to his students’ needs. His patience and diligence help him ensure that his students learn French holistically.