Playgroup (3-6 years)

Expose your child to French through songs, dance, art, role-plays and more!

For children under the age of 6, Agape School of Education offers a holistic programme.

The aim is to enable children to acquire listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in French through gestures, creative speech, songs and other fun activities. Engaging them through our dramatic, literary and creative activities, children develop self-confidence, effective acquisition of vocabulary and grammar structures, as well as their social, communication and interpersonal skills.

We understand at that age, a linguistically oriented course will capture their interest and attention span. Our methodology is not one of memorisation and repetition but inspiring a strong sense of how the language works and as they build their skills, habits and strategies, learning becomes more effective and efficient.

Our course involves:

  • a focus on vocabulary and growth-oriented learning,
  • a flexible and adaptable program that allows teachers to customise activities to suit every situation and child,
  • a program that encourages the growth of cognitive abilities